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Pierlam.ExpressionEval v0.7 released

A new version of the ExpressionEval component is released today!

It’s the 0.7 version.

-Simplification of errors management: only one error class now: ExprError. 

        for licensing, parse, exec and config (variable definition and function attachment) 

-It’s now possible to get expression configuration errors on variable definitions (wrong syntax): 

        List<ExprError> ExpressionEval.GetListErrorExprConfig() 


-Calculation expression can now have more than two operands.

exp: a+b*c

The Component will apply default mathematical operators priority: First * and /, then + and -.

-Enum DoubleFunctionCallParamSeparators  renamed by DecimalAndFunctionSeparators.

-Add new ExpressionEval functions:

ClearAllVarDefinition() Clear all variables definitions in the component.

   RemoveAllFunctionAttachment() Remove All functions attachment in the component.

A Visual Studio solution is available on github at: This repository contains several code samples using this new version of the ExpressionEval library. See the folder TestExpressionEvalNetCoreApp in the solution to found code samples.

The component is available as a package on nuget here.


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