1. License Conditions

If you need to use ExpressionEval library in a company or a business organization, you are allowed to try and evaluate the library and verify that the library really works as you expect.

If after the evaluation period you decide to continue using the library, you have to purchase a commercial license according to the the number of developers and deployments.

Purchasing of commercial license also gives your organization higher priority in bug fixing and for feature requests to add in future version of the library.

The library is completely cost-free for open-source projects and also for academic users.

A commercial license comes with support, one year at least.

License keys are delivered electronically after we receive payment.

2. Evaluation period

The component contains by default a free trial licence to let you evaluate all its features without any limitation. The trial licence is available three months starting from the day when the component is published on nuget. The current version, the v0.7 is valid until the 30th November 2020.

You can evaluate the library for several months before purchasing it. When the trial period ends, download the latest version which will automatically extend your trial period. You can download the library from nuget for free here: https://www.nuget.org/packages/Pierlam.ExpressionEval/

You can also purchase the library. See the pricing below to choose the license you need.

3. Pricing

The pricing depends on the number of developers and deployments of the library, starting from one developer with one deployment. By default, the license comes with one year support. It’s possible to buy a two years license with a price discount.

The license is royalty free and perpetual. It will work with any version released before the end of your support end date. You are therefore under no obligation to renew your licence annually or to renew it at all. However, renewing comes with many benefits like maintaining your support and upgrades period with a discount on purchase price.

Please contact us for more information : info@pierlamsoftware.com.

4. Apply license

The licence key is a string encoded we send you after payment. To activate it, you have just to set the license string to the component just after creation.

Apply the licence and check it:

// instanciate the component to evaluate experssions
ExpressionEval evaluator = new ExpressionEval();

// the string encrypted license we send you
string encryptedLicense = "...";

// set the license to the component
LicenseInfoStatus status= evaluator.License.SetLicenseInfo(encryptedLicence);

if(status != LicenseInfoStatus.Valid)
  // the license is not valid!!

// ok, the license is valid

5. Order a license

To order a license, please contact us: info@pierlamsoftware.com


Before installing ExpressionEval library, you will have to agree to our product EULA (End User License Agreement).

For any additional questions that you may have about installing, downloading, copying, or other actions when using ExpressionEval, feel free to contact us: info@pierlamsoftware.com.